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About us

In 2005, First Oceans opened its Shanghai office and has since grown yearly to become a large furniture and home equipment sourcing company in Asia.

First Oceans has grown to more than 40 employees in Asia, with a western management team that represents the most experienced professionals in the furniture industry. Ms. Catherine Ferguson established First Oceans as a president in 2005.

FirstOceans is shipping on average 8.000 containers per year.

We have over 30 sourcing and quality control professionals displayed within our vendor facilities.

The majority of our customers are North American, so our product is consistently produced with the quality standards expected by North American companies.

Our current export market remains North America with a large volume of furniture shipped to TheBrick Group (The largest retailer of furniture and appliances in Canada).

FirstOceans has also a strong market presence in United States via its independant distributor based in Oceanside, California.

Please contact with Mr. Ken Mahoney
2590 Jason Court, Oceanside, CA 92056
Tel: (760) 630-1251
Fax: (760) 806-1640
Email: mahoneymguv3@aol.com

FirstOceans offer a diverse and wide range from upholstery, living room, dining room and bedroom categories.

If you are a furniture retailer, catalogue company, department store or just want to sell furniture and home accessories at competitive prices and new looks, First Oceans is the partner for you.

Who are we ?

We do wholesale.
We offer competitive prices!
We source for the Brick-largest furniture retailer in Canada.
We have western management in every key department.
We organize a high energized, dynamic and friendly team.
If you are a professional retailer, you are welcomed!


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