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First Oceans' E-news
Check the web page weekly to find updates on our upholstery, case ranges, hottest products and what’s happening in the First Oceans world.

First Oceans' Hot Deals 
We encourage you to browse our online Hot Deals selections. This shows our hottest product for the month regarding top sellers, newest items and OPP (Open Price Point).

First Oceans' Main Categories
First Oceans offers great deals within 6 categories- Upholstery. Living. Bedroom. Dining. Seasonal. Other. Browsing through the six categories to see just how great the product selection is. For quote request, please click “Request a Quotation” at the bottom of the page.
If you need further details on each product, click "Download PDF"
All of our products are displayed with a vendor code (2 letters) and item name. All items with same vendor code come from the same factory.

Cutting Schedule Program
We ship 20’, 40’, 40’HQ from China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Be sure to ask about our cutting schedule program to mix diverse products in one container.

How First Oceans Work with You
When you request a quote, our team in Shanghai will reply very promptly to your query.
If you are contacting us from United States, a representative in the USA will contact you back.

Vendor Opportunity
If you are a manufacturer or a raw material supplier would like to get in touch with us, please click on Vendors to fill in your contact information.

Who are we ?

We do wholesale.
We offer competitive prices!
We source for the Brick-largest furniture retailer in Canada.
We have western management in every key department.
We organize a high energized, dynamic and friendly team.
If you are a professional retailer, you are welcomed!


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