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Welcome to Join our FirstOceans team based in Shanghai !

First Oceans is always looking for talented applicants seeking a career with our company.
We also offer internships to qualified applicants.

This is a great opportunity for talented and motivated applicants to join a fantastic team as part of a quickly growing company.

Please email your resume and a cover letter to info@firstoceans.com

14F, Huamin Empire Plaza
726 Yan An West Road
Shanghai 200050

P.R China
Phone: 86 - 21 - 5237 1670
Fax us at 86 - 21 - 5237 1675 

Who are we ?

We do wholesale.
We offer competitive prices!
We source for the Brick-largest furniture retailer in Canada.
We have western management in every key department.
We organize a high energized, dynamic and friendly team.
If you are a professional retailer, you are welcomed!


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