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Our QC team

Quality is always the top priority for First Oceans. Our vision is "To exceed customer's expectations for product quality and performance, ensure on-time delivery of products and services to meet customer's requirements and provide continuous improvement of our processes and service".

Since First Oceans, a division of the Brick, has extended our business in the USA, our QC team has a good understanding of the quality requirement by North American buyers. The quality standards and procedures are well documented. The communication channels are kept opening during the whole process of each purchase order. First Oceans’ quality inspectors are fully trained and equipped with capability to inspect large variety of furniture products.

Inspections will typically entail visual and manual examination for criteria such as: Safety, Color, Size, Packaging, Shipping Mark, and Dimension.

In order to ensure quality products are being exported, our regional managers travel frequently around Asia to evaluate vendors, inspect pre-production samples, and follow up production. No matter where the factory is located in Asia, First Oceans always has at least one inspector on site responsible for final random inspection, loading supervision and on-site checking.

Within 5 years, First Oceans’ QC department grew up from a small size team to around 40. We have industrial knowledge and inspection techniques which win our clients

Who are we ?

We do wholesale.
We offer competitive prices!
We source for the Brick-largest furniture retailer in Canada.
We have western management in every key department.
We organize a high energized, dynamic and friendly team.
If you are a professional retailer, you are welcomed!


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